What is Reiki?

REI refers to universal or cosmic energy.

KI is the life force which flows through everything that is living

REIKI is an art and science using universal life energy to promote balance, wholeness, healing, and consciousness.

REIKI is a precise technique to balance your energies throughout your whole physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. 

REIKI is a releasor, activator, energizer, and transformer of energy.

REIKI releases stress and tension of modern life. Our immune system is the body's healing power. Stress on the immune system gives us less ability to heal. Reiki balances the immune system. 

REIKI is a tool for spiritual growth. It connects you with your higher force and tells you that you are a cosmic being, 

REIKI is a safe and direct technique to 

effectively help others. 

REIKI IS ENERGY-Modern physics is now saying that energy and matter are interchangeable. Even though matter appears dense, it is mostly composed of space. Modern physics is saying that we are consciousness-we are energy-we are light. Since light is transparent, we cannot see it. However, we are one in the light.

REIKI is not dependent on a belief system. It works whether you believe it or not.

Reiki replenishes and balances the energy especially in chronic problems. 

REIKI lasts a lifetime and can never run out. 

REIKI centers your energy on the positive emotions. 

REIKI is an awakening of the inner self to know it is a part of the larger self. 

reiki long-distance

9AM - 9PM Mon - Sun   +1671.788.1980

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Early Bird Special! Complete Registration & Payment By Oct. 1st 2019to Receive discount. 

Reiki I Class $199

Reiki II Class $299

Reiki I & II Class $399

Reiki Masters Class $700

Experience a Long-distance Reiki session today. Order below and contact us for scheduling. 

"I did not arrive at my understanding of the fundamental laws of the universe through my rational mind."

-Albert Einstein-


Reiki Master Instructor Crystal D. Gingras

Oct  12th & 13th 2019


Saturday: Reiki I & II: 11 am to 6 pm

Training 1pm-3pm

Attunements 3pm

Hands on Practice 3pm-6pm

Sunday: Reiki II &  Masters: 1 pm to 6 pm

Location: Details after registration (Agana Heights, Guam). Limited space to 7 persons per class.

Bring: notebook, pen, pencils, colored pencils, water, snacks, yoga mat (if you have one).

­­­­­­­­­­Mail in bottom portion with check if paying by check:

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*All Payments Are Due Before Class & Your Space Will be Available Until Paid in Full. 

 Reiki I Class: $ 250.00 Saturday 

Reiki II Class: $350.00 Saturday

Reiki I & II Class: $ 450.00 Saturday

Reiki Masters (includes Reiki I & II): $777 Saturday & Sunday

Reiki Classes include: manuals, attunements, lineage, books,  hands-on practice, life-long apprenticeship and certification.

Call to schedule appointment for payment registration & email if housing is needed for off island student. 

Crystal D. Gingras

P.O. Box 4301

Hagatna, Guam

(671)788-1980 crystal_gingras@yahoo.com


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Email: _________________________________

*After you complete your certification you may become a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals.