What We Do

Guam Massage Therapy Agana Day Spa is your one-stop-shop massage facility that specializes in aroma therapy, reflexology, Maternity massage, Swedish massages, medical massages, reiki energy, chakra balancing, and hot stone massage. If you don’t know which treatment you need, we’ll take the time to study your habits and determine the pressure, temperature, and motion best suited for your body’s condition.

We Travel To You!

We have 2 State Certified Massage Therapists, Wata and Crystal, who travel to the comfort of your own home.  We bring the massage table, clean sheets, and paperwork for each visit. You can enjoy a massage by yourself at home on your day off, or after a long day at work. We will also bring our table to your office and you can enjoy a 30 to 60 minute massage on your lunch break. We also cater to businesses for multiple persons.


Guam Massage Therapy

Client Testimonials

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Guam Massage Therapy​

Meet Our Staff

Crystal, owner and massage therapist for over 20 years. Being a message therapist is just a job for some, but for our staff the healing arts is a calling. Each and every individual you meet at Guam Massage Therapy is dedicated and committed to our clients' health and well being. 

"Crystal has a gift. I always felt extremely relaxed and tingly during and after every session. My sciatica is gone now, but I still go to her for treatments. Reiki helps to calm and ground me spiritually. She definitely has a gift!"


"Crystal has passed on to me the wonderful gift of Reiki. She is a wonderful teacher and healer. During the weekend I was given the attunement of Reiki. 
Her presence radiated so much love and compassion that I felt deeply peaceful and protected. As she taught me about the ancient healing practice, she gave me knowledge and courage to heal myself and others. Her knowledge is vast and she is truly a bright light in this world!"

Megan Stephens   

"Crystal, thank you so much for the work that you did on me last week. I feel like "Spring time" in my body. I see things so much clearer and I have a better understanding about my life. I seem to be walking away from disagreements and learning to be more caring than before. I feel like a different person with a purpose in my life again. I just can't tell you how much my life has been changed by this. Thank you."

"Crystal is a great therapist and very concerned for her client. I would recommend her to anybody."


"Very good technique, pays attention to the body and listens. Perfect for what I needed today."


"I feel like I received a new body. Thank you Crystal Excellent."


Stephanie Fulton