Hafa Adai. Choose your professional service prior to scheduling your in home  or office treatment.

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  • aromatherapy massage $115/60 min $165/90 min. Also referred to as Essential Oil therapy, can be defined as the art and science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonize, and promote the health of body, mind, and spirit. includes your choice of oils that we bring to the treatment to add with your massage. 

  • chakra balancing $75/30 min $125/60 min. Includes all seven chakras cleared and balanced for overall health and well-being. excellent for your organs, clarity, balance, and rest.

  • cranial-sacral balancing $75/45 min $125/60 min. Alternative healing modality intended to increase and normalize the cerebrospinal fluid from the skull to the spine and pelvis region. developed by John E. Upledger. 

  • couples massage one hour $200 $300/90 min. Enjoy a relaxing massage or deep tissue massage with your partner, family member, or friend.
  • NEW! foot bath detox $60 Enjoy 30 minutes of relaxing while your feet detox in a salt ionizer to detox your liver, kidneys and lymph nodes. (Not for persons who are: pregnant, nursing, heart stints or any metals in the body). 

  • deep tissue massage $120/60 min. $170/90 min.​ Applying deep pressure using fingers, knuckles, forearms, & elbows. breaks up scar tissue, tension knots, & eases stress.

  • maternity massage $100/60 min. $150/90 min.  Gentle, supportive massage for mothers-to-be that are experiencing changes during pregnancy. it is the prenatal use of massage therapy to nurture the physiological, structural, & emotional well-being of both mother and fetus.

  • swedish massage $100/60 min. $150/90 min. A light to medium massage applying the surface of the hands and forearms. concentrates on top layers of the muscle tissue. 

  • foot & hand reflexology $100/60 min. $150/90 min. relaxes entire body through feet (and hands if requested). helps to restore overall well being. every part of the foot/hand connects to the body and organs. 

  • reiki/reiki massage $100/60 min. $150/90 min. Long-distance treatments available. Click on link. Reiki therapy is natural healing through the hands, eyes and breath. restores health and boosts immune system. is combined with a full body massage, or reiki by itself. assists with sleep and promotes healing.

  • shiatsu massage $100/60 min. $150/90 min.  Translates to "finger pressure." It is a form of traditional Japanese massage that works on the energy lines (meridians) in the body to bring about balance (health) and peace of mind.

  • thai yoga therapy $120/60 min. $170/90 min. A combination of compression and decompression of the joints, kneading, stretching, tui- na (push-pull), assisted yoga postures. massage application with thumbs, palms, fists, knees, forearms, & feet.

  • scalp therapy $100/60 min. $150/90 min. A light to medium massage with fingertips & hands on scalp, forehead, & neck. 

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