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Awaken Me Now Package #1 Best Seller Awaken Now! 

Reiki Massage with Crystals Chakra Balancing. Enjoy a soothing and warm Reiki healing massage with Swedish strokes and Reiki hand placements on head, back and feet, then relax for a full hour of Crystal Therapy on your body and energy centers in a deep relaxing session of clearing and awakening. Great for releasing and awakening to a new you! 

$175 Package for 120 minutes of Bliss

De-Knot Me Package #2 Best Seller Goodbye Knots!

Deep Tissue or Sports Massage with Hot Stones and Essential oils to melt away your knots, pain and stress. The hot stones will relax your muscles before you indulge your larger core muscles with elbow-deep massage therapy and finger-trigger points to release stiff, tight muscles and joints. Arnica gel, Essential oils, Bio-freeze, or Tiger Balm may also be used at your discretion for this Package. 

$200 for Package - 120 minutes

Lypossage Package #3 Best Seller Goodbye cellulite!

Lypossage is a research-based treatment that can deliver realistic results.  With a commitment of 2-3 sessions of 60 minutes for 4 weeks, you can achieve measurable results.  This treatment is a precise combination of: dry skin brushing, myofascial release & lymphatic massage which helps brush, and flush out toxins and fat in the skin causing cellulite.

$250 for 3 sessions for two areas - 1 Hour

Areas may includes: back, thighs, hips, stomach, buttocks. 

*Lypossage is a perfect addition if you are doing RF & Cavitation sessions for your body.